Finding new markets for my business
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Finding new markets for my business

It can be really hard for a small business when a large customer or source of customers shuts down. However it doesn't mean that your business can't succeed, you just need to find new markets and be a little innovative in your approach to marketing. This blog has some stories from inspiration business owners who have faced challenges when their biggest source of customers stops but have found ways to keep their business running and stay profitable. I hope it is inspirational for small business owners who are facing their own challenges. Please feel free to share your own stories in the comments.


Finding new markets for my business

  • Patio Construction: 3 Guidelines For Designing An Affordable Space

    24 February 2023

    If you are interested in elevating your outdoor living experience, you should think about building a patio. The new area will expand your useable space, especially if you like entertaining outside. Moreover, a patio will increase your residential property value and attract more homebuyers during a sale. Unfortunately, the cost of constructing the outdoor space can be high. If you are concerned about the potential expenses for the renovation, use these guidelines to design an affordable patio.

  • 2 Types of Businesses That Need Custom Stickers

    7 November 2022

    Custom stickers are a great way to promote your business. They can be used to brand your products, advertise your services or show off your company logo. But what kind of businesses need custom stickers?   Event Planners Custom stickers can be a great way for event planners to add a personal touch to their events. Stickers can be used to promote the event, decorate the venue or add a bit of fun.

  • Top Benefits of Custom Metal Fabrication

    25 April 2022

    Stock metal fabricated products are usually the go-to choices for most business entities since they are inexpensive and meet most of their needs. It might seem like the best decision, especially for a small company focusing on saving operational costs. Unfortunately, off-the-shelf metal products are not always the best for a business, and it is advisable to go for customised options. This article highlights the benefits of custom metal sheet fabrication for businesses.

  • How to Store Turf

    26 October 2021

    Everyone knows what turf is, but few people know how best to store it. Depending on the type of turf that you have purchased, it can be difficult to keep alive during storage. However, many options can help preserve the life of your grass for a few days or weeks without any damage done. Turf requires specific conditions just like any other plant would if it were being stored away for a time before being replanted somewhere new.

  • Why Install Side Retention Outdoor Roller Blinds?

    30 June 2021

    Outdoor roller blinds are a perfect solution if you want to shade windows or outdoor areas like balconies, patios and pergolas. While regular roller blinds work well here, blinds with a side retention system might be a better solution. How do these blinds work and what are the advantages of using them? How Does a Side Retention Roller Blind System Work? A regular outdoor roller blind attaches from the top. It hooks into fittings or sits in a channel.