Finding new markets for my business
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Finding new markets for my business

It can be really hard for a small business when a large customer or source of customers shuts down. However it doesn't mean that your business can't succeed, you just need to find new markets and be a little innovative in your approach to marketing. This blog has some stories from inspiration business owners who have faced challenges when their biggest source of customers stops but have found ways to keep their business running and stay profitable. I hope it is inspirational for small business owners who are facing their own challenges. Please feel free to share your own stories in the comments.


Finding new markets for my business

Transform Your Outdoor Living Space with Outdoor Tiles

Jeff Fleming

Transforming your outdoor living space can seem daunting, but with the right materials and a little bit of know-how, it can be an enjoyable process. Outdoor tiles are a popular choice for enhancing outdoor areas and creating a more practical, stylish and durable surface. Not only do they look stunning, but they also have several benefits for outdoor spaces. Here are some of the benefits of outdoor tiles, as well as some tips for installing them in your outdoor space.

Benefits of Outdoor Tiles

One of the biggest benefits of outdoor tiles is their durability. They can withstand extreme weather conditions, and they are resistant to fading and stains. Outdoor tiles also have a non-slip surface, which is especially important in wet areas like around a swimming pool. They come in a variety of materials, such as ceramic, porcelain, natural stone or even wood-effect tiles. This means you have endless design possibilities when it comes to customising your outdoor space.


When planning to install outdoor tiles, it's essential to understand the preparation process. Firstly, make sure the surface is clean, dry and level. You may need to sweep the area, power wash it or fill in any gaps or cracks. If necessary, create a slope to allow for drainage. Once you've prepared the surface, you might consider laying a tile underlay to ensure that the tiles adhere correctly.


Outdoor tile installation can be done by a professional, but it's also possible to do it yourself. The installation process involves laying out the tiles in the desired pattern and then adding a layer of adhesive to the surface area. You'll then place the tiles onto the adhesive and use spacers to create even grout lines. Once the adhesive has dried, remove the spacers and apply the grout. Finally, clean the area and allow the grout to dry and seal.


Outdoor tiles require minimal maintenance to keep them looking stunning. Regular sweeping and mopping will keep them clean, and if there are any stains, you can use a mild detergent to remove them. You can also apply a sealant to protect them from any potential stains and prevent the growth of mould and mildew.

Design Ideas

The beauty of outdoor tiles is that they come in a wide range of styles, colours and textures. You can experiment with different patterns, mix and match designs and create unique borders. Natural stone tiles are perfect for a rustic feel, while wood-effect tiles create a warm and inviting atmosphere. Porcelain tiles give a sleek and clean look, while ceramic tiles add a pop of colour and pattern.

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