Finding new markets for my business
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Finding new markets for my business

It can be really hard for a small business when a large customer or source of customers shuts down. However it doesn't mean that your business can't succeed, you just need to find new markets and be a little innovative in your approach to marketing. This blog has some stories from inspiration business owners who have faced challenges when their biggest source of customers stops but have found ways to keep their business running and stay profitable. I hope it is inspirational for small business owners who are facing their own challenges. Please feel free to share your own stories in the comments.


Finding new markets for my business

  • Could your building be more disabled friendly?

    23 March 2018

    How disabled friendly are your premises? If you want to ensure that staff and customers who rely on wheelchairs for mobility are able to navigate your building then installing one or more wheelchair lifts can be a great idea. If you are considering adding wheelchair lifts, then it is important to think carefully about the type of lifts you need and where they will be situated. Who do you want to use the wheelchair lifts?

  • Choosing Centerpieces That Will Bring Your Wedding to Life

    17 January 2018

    After the emotional wedding ceremony is complete, most people look forward to the wedding reception. This is the time when your guests can let loose and really enjoy the wedding celebration. After you have selected the tables, chairs, and sitting arrangements, you need the final touch to be special and to breathe life to your wedding atmosphere. The secret ingredient is a simple as selecting the right centerpieces. Centerpieces are the decorative elements that are placed towards the center of the table.