Finding new markets for my business
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Finding new markets for my business

It can be really hard for a small business when a large customer or source of customers shuts down. However it doesn't mean that your business can't succeed, you just need to find new markets and be a little innovative in your approach to marketing. This blog has some stories from inspiration business owners who have faced challenges when their biggest source of customers stops but have found ways to keep their business running and stay profitable. I hope it is inspirational for small business owners who are facing their own challenges. Please feel free to share your own stories in the comments.


Finding new markets for my business

Important Facts to Consider When Buying Pontoon Boats, According to Material

Jeff Fleming

Taking a boat ride around a marina can be quite a spectacular experience. The beautiful water and the well-crafted boats can leave a great impression which will make you want to purchase one of your own. One of the best boats you can consider is the pontoon boat. The boat can maintain buoyancy and still carry around heavy loads. It is flat and depends on pontoons to float. The boats are well crafted to suit your every need. There are various pontoon boats on the market for sale. Their prices might fluctuate according to the characteristics, application, and material. When looking to purchase a pontoon boat according to the material, here are some of the things you have to be aware of.

  1. Fiberglass Pontoons – One of the most commonly used materials in the creation of pontoon boats is fiberglass. The material is highly durable and lightweight, meaning it can be used to make hulls for various boats. One of the advantages of the material is that it does not rust. It also has a beautiful appearance and a magnificent performance on the water. However, with this material, the cost of repair becomes high. This is because of the material and the fact that it requires skilled repair from trained professionals. Fiberglass is also expensive and therefore needs care while in the waters. 
  2. Foam-Filled Pontoons – Another material which is used in the making of pontoons is foam. One of the major advantages of this is that they are not hollow, thus taking away the chance of leaks. Foam is also cheaper to manufacture. The pontoons have an exterior made of plastic. The foam-filled pontoons are also narrow, which reduces cases of drag in the water. The drag may result in poor fuel economy as well as slower speeds. One of their disadvantages, however, is that they can become waterlogged. They are also not as easy to repair, as welding might work poorly for the foam.
  3. Steel Pontoons – This is yet another pontoon material on the market available for sale. They were common in older pontoons due to their cheap nature. They are among the most affordable types of pontoons for sale due to their material. One of the biggest problems with steel pontoons, however, is that they are corrosive, meaning they will eventually rust when exposed to the both air and moisture. Their susceptibility to corrosion results in the need for a lot of repairs, such as sanding and painting to keep the rust at bay. The steel pontoons in the market can be sold at quite a good price. However, it is important to consider the longtime maintenance brought along.

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