Finding new markets for my business
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Finding new markets for my business

It can be really hard for a small business when a large customer or source of customers shuts down. However it doesn't mean that your business can't succeed, you just need to find new markets and be a little innovative in your approach to marketing. This blog has some stories from inspiration business owners who have faced challenges when their biggest source of customers stops but have found ways to keep their business running and stay profitable. I hope it is inspirational for small business owners who are facing their own challenges. Please feel free to share your own stories in the comments.


Finding new markets for my business

Why the USB Flash Drive Is the Promotional Gift That Keeps on Giving

Jeff Fleming

Why is it so difficult to stand out from your opposition when you are in business? It can sometimes feel as if you are fighting a losing battle, despite your best efforts. Yet it is so critical to get a step up and make sure that your brand name is seen and recognised, so that you can continue to grow. Before you throw up your hands in despair any more, however, you may be interested in a solution that you haven't yet considered. Why should you be promoting your business using a USB flash drive?

Giveaway Choices

Consider the giveaway. It can come in a huge variety of different shapes and forms, some of which are not a good investment for you, while others are. Think what happens when you attend a conference, for example. You will come away with a bag full of giveaways from various promoters, ranging from pens that quickly run out of ink, to t-shirts that will inevitably shrink. However, if you've ever received a USB flash drive on these events, it's likely that you still have it.

Why It's So Good

This is the gift that keeps on giving in terms of branding. A drive is of course reusable and of increasing value in today's technology-driven society. These types of flash drive can hold an enormous amount of data, from audio files to images and videos.

You may think that these drives are relatively small, but it's amazing what can be done to brand your message nonetheless.

Four Options

For example, why not screenprint your logo? This option can cater for logos that have up to 4 distinct colours and these shades can be precisely matched using specific Pantone numbers, so that they are in tune with your brand philosophy.

You may benefit more from a more precise, or more visually stunning rendition and would like to print high-definition photos instead. This is possible on specific models and you would take advantage of the CMYK printing solution to achieve this.

Going even further, why not consider laser engraving instead? You can reproduce your logo with very high precision using specialist engraving machines. Of course this is not a full colour option, as this is not possible when engraving, but it will look very spectacular.

Some drive models are encased in real leather for that "executive" look. In this case, you may be able to emboss your message or logo onto the leather, although once again remember that this is not in colour, per se.

Why It's Right for You

You can be sure that your logo or message will be constantly in view when you opt for this type of promotion. People will always keep this type of giveaway, as they can use it again and again. Have a word with your branding specialist to see how your message could shine here.